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Halleluyah! I trust you’re experiencing the glory and majesty of the God we serve in the Celestial Church of Christ and my prayer is that as you remain faithful to Him, that he continues to answer your prayers in the name of Christ Jesus.

Today I just wanted to drop a quick update to let you know that you can now access all of the CCC Prince of Peace 3 videos in one location. This makes it easier for you to see what’s been added and to share the information with other members of the Celestial Church of Christ and anyone else who loves God or needs to have a closer relationship with God.

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To go to the location now just click the link below and you’ll be taken to the latest collection of world-class inspirational and motivational videos from a parish that is raising the bar within the Celestial Church of Christ worldwide.

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P.S. Kindly help us spread the word, and as you do so, God will bless you for saving lives.