How Faith Pays Her Bills – An Inspirational and Motivational Moment

Bills, bills bills. The only time you’re not going to have bills to deal with is when the Lord has called you to join Him on His throne. So if you can’t avoid bills, how do you avoid having to live from paycheck to paycheck?

Isn’t it odd that the words of someone else, another person’s testimony quite often holds the ingredients needed for you to be encouraged and overcome? That’s the way things sometimes work.

All is revealed in this edition of our Inspirational and Motivational moment. You’ll hear about Debbie, a single mom of four and her testimony in detail. Listen to Debbie’s inspirational message of faith.

She is a survivor (you need to be when

you’re a mom anyway!) and she’s been through a lot of what most people may never encounter, but she’s been through what you might be going through in your life. Be blessed and

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encouraged as you listen, and may you also be blessed as you improve your relationship with the Almighty God, Jehovah that we serve!