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You Don’t Need a Reason to Help People!

You Don't Need a Reason...Do you sometimes feel the urge to help someone or something but you can’t seem to find the right reason to get


Well, the truth is that you don’t actually ‘need’ a reason to help people.

If it’s something you feel led to do, then just go ahead, give yourself permission, and do it.

Because this might seem a bit strange to some people (actually, probably a lot of people depending on the type of people you hang out with) don’t be surprised if they think you have ulterior motives.

But don’t worry about those who talk behind your back, because God put them behind you

and not in front of you, for a reason!

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The New Guide For How To Boast For More Blessings

Go-YOU-IECJPEGWhen good happens to you, and I mean things that allow you to feel a sense of achievement, it feels great to talk about it.

It can even feel better to boast about it because you know that it’s a result of your efforts…or maybe you feel you were just ‘lucky‘ and the starts aligned on your behalf.

Christians believe that it’s because of God and will gladly boast to everyone and anyone that cares to listen.

Boasting about great things can be so right … and yet, be so wrong when you do it the wrong way. When you do it the wrong way it loses all potential ‘after-effects‘ that it might have had.

How to Stop Losing the After-Effects of

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Your Achievements

Stop losing the after-effects of your achievements simply because you don’t know how to handle spreading the good news about your breakthroughs.

Today we have something unique and special for you to download this FREE guide on ‘How to Boast for More Blessings in Your Life’ because if you’re going to boast, you might as well do it the right way.

May you continue to have reasons to boast in your life through Christ Jesus.

Boasting for Blessings

“We Are On A Holy Mission” Music Track Launched by CCC Prince of Peace Parish 3 With Church Founding Day Celebrations

September 29 was a day of joy for members of the Celestial Church of Christ around the world, and for a great reason. It

was the day the church was founded back in 1947. On the day members of the Celestial Church of Christ worldwide celebrated the day, we were also having a few other significant milestone celebrations of our own. Keep reading for more information.

The congregation was officially presented with the church website and the social media platforms made up of a Facebook page, a dedicated YouTube channel and a Twitter page. These were revealed by the Shepherd-in-Charge who also spoke about the

need for the Celestial Church of Christ and the Prince of Peace parish in particular to be ‘relevant’ in winning souls for Christ.

Bringing people to salvation and a greater personal relationship with God is paramount” said Superior Evangelist Kudus Badmus the Shepherd-in-Charge. “It’s important that we are visible in the places where people go when they’re looking for answers to their personal, professional and financial problems, because with God, all things are possible.”

Below is a video presentation that contains all details about the launches and also the music track “We Are On A

Holy Mission’

Enjoy and be blessed!