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“We Are On A Holy Mission” Music Track Launched by CCC Prince of Peace Parish 3 With Church Founding Day Celebrations

September 29 was a day of joy for members of the Celestial Church of Christ around the world, and for a great reason. It

was the day the church was founded back in 1947. On the day members of the Celestial Church of Christ worldwide celebrated the day, we were also having a few other significant milestone celebrations of our own. Keep reading for more information.

The congregation was officially presented with the church website and the social media platforms made up of a Facebook page, a dedicated YouTube channel and a Twitter page. These were revealed by the Shepherd-in-Charge who also spoke about the

need for the Celestial Church of Christ and the Prince of Peace parish in particular to be ‘relevant’ in winning souls for Christ.

Bringing people to salvation and a greater personal relationship with God is paramount” said Superior Evangelist Kudus Badmus the Shepherd-in-Charge. “It’s important that we are visible in the places where people go when they’re looking for answers to their personal, professional and financial problems, because with God, all things are possible.”

Below is a video presentation that contains all details about the launches and also the music track “We Are On A

Holy Mission’

Enjoy and be blessed!




Prince of Peace Loves Evergreen Celestial Church of Christ Music

This video was posted on our channel on inviting viewers to visit our website and receive lessons and blessings. The background music is a classic produced by the Celestial Church of Christ choir in Makoko, Nigeria. It’s truly ‘evergreen’ in every sense, from the messages in the music through

to the actual music itself.

Enjoy the music while you go about your day and remember to click here to visit our video channel on

for videos and information about past, current and future life-changing events.